“Thank you for sending me a copy of the grievance outcome and accompanying management report. Both documents were very comprehensive and demonstrated the time and effort you took to establish the facts before determining the outcome.

I would also like to thank you for your support during this process and for the care you have taken in preparing the outcome letter and report”

Fiona Webb, Imagination Technologies

“I have had the pleasure of working with Leonie previously in Kwik-Fit and needed some support within Parker Building Supplies and the group and I was delighted to work with her again on a consultancy basis. Leonie has over the previous months supported me in the day to day projects in flight and the variety of projects ranged from streamlining of processes across different businesses in the group, aligning policies and procedures and other areas such as benefits and compensation etc. I was particularly impressed by how quickly Leonie understood the culture at the Independent Builders Merchant Group and how respectful she was of it. HR can be a delicate area in business (especially in this industry) as it can be very ‘new’ to this type of a workforce but Leonie always handles situations both professionally and empathetically. Leonie is the perfect HR extension for any business no matter how big or small, she’s adaptable, knowledgeable and most importantly a really great person to work with”

“Professional, strategic and commercial in her approach, I can honestly say Leonie has the perfect balance between delivering results and being supportive, approachable, empathetic and understanding what matters. She’s also someone who is happy to roll her sleeves up and get stuck in when needed. She was instrumental in improving overall capability in the organisation through her strong leadership, encouragement and guidance to her team of Regional HR Business Partners. Her strategy resulted in the implementation of a number of successful initiatives such as improved systems and on boarding procedures, various employee engagement projects and improved and health and well-being support for staff. This lead to achievement of some challenging business objectives such as reduced labour turnover and sickness absence levels.”

“I have had the pleasure to work with Leonie for many years in various positions, I always found Leonie to be knowledgeable in all things HR related as well as a fantastic support mechanism when dealing with difficult and indifferent cases. Leonie is a great listener who has a very balanced view and does not allow emotion to cloud her judgement”

“Leonie has been instrumental in designing and implementing HR policies and procedures as required for my business. She’s on hand to deal with HR issues which leaves me free to focus on other parts of the business. I highly recommend her”

“Leonie has a great ability to engage with you on any HR or recruitment project and communicate the vision and end result of that project with a passion to support her employees/clients to deliver performance results. Clear, direct when needed and very honest with her feedback. You always come away from a meeting with Leonie feeling energised. A great negotiator, witty, fun to work with and a total professional HR specialist. Leonie has that ability to flex both her communication style and HR expertise to any level business. From Senior Executive teams to smaller SME businesses. A true HR champion that delivers outstanding results. Any businesses looking to improve HR best practice, improve productivity/performance across their teams or deliver a strategic recruitment plan then Leonie should be at the top of your HR LinkedIn connections”

“I have known and worked with Leonie for just over 10 years. When I first became an operations manager Leonie spent a lot of time with me and was a big part of my success. Leonie would spend 1-2 days per week with me offering support and advice on a whole variety of HR issues. Much of our time was spent holding 1 on 1 reviews which included target setting and follow up. Her instructions and advice to myself and the employees was clear and was always aimed at getting the best outcome for all concerned. My HR knowledge was very limited in the early days but Leonie was happy to explain processes to me in a way I understood and always answered any questions I had. I will always be thankful for her patience and support she gave me and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for HR support”