Addressing Miscommunication: Unveiling the True Value of HR

As an experienced HR consultant who knows the real value of HR I was disheartened to come across an article suggesting that HR can impede a company’s progress and lack value which prompted me to write this blog. Communication breakdowns and ineffective recruitment processes can indeed contribute to departmental failures. As such, clear communication channels and robust recruitment strategies are essential for ensuring that the right individuals are selected for the job and that expectations are clearly understood.

By addressing these areas, there is more chance of having a more productive and and responsive HR function. Drawing from extensive experience in a corporate environment and experience with clients from diverse sectors, I’ve observed varying degrees of success in how HR teams collaborate with the business.


To gain maximum benefit from your HR team and experience the value of HR, it is important to:

Understanding Company Progress and People Strategy:
Defining the company’s progress and its people strategy  is crucial to align the people practices with the overall organisational goals.

Senior HR Partner to attend Business Update Meetings
Having the senior HR partner present at business update meetings provides an immediate insight into any strategic shifts, whether prompted by internal changes or external influences. This involvement ensures that the people strategy can change and remain current with the business direction.

Assessing HR Team Alignment with Organisational Goals
Evaluating the match between HR team qualities/outlook and organisational goals will ensure you have the ‘right fit’. I have seen HR professionals being recruited without taking this into account which has led to an unsatisfactory relationship on both sides. Considerations should be made during the hiring process to ensure alignment, bearing in mind you also need a mix of skills to support the commercial members of the team.

Should you wish to explore how HR can add value to your business while ensuring compliance with British Employment Law, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to provide guidance and support tailored to your specific needs.