Handling Awkward Conversations with Employees

Are you putting off awkward conversations with employees? Not sure how to approach a sensitive issue?

Leading employment lawyer Daniel Barnett recently posted about how disputes, grievances and even tribunals might be avoided if the right conversations are held early enough. He highlighted a poll from Vital Smarts that showed how more than 80% of workers are cowering from at least one scary conversation at work — a conversation they know they need, but are dreading. The survey also found that one in four (25%) had avoided the conversation for six months, 10% for a year and a further 10% for more than two years! Awkward conversations with employees? As an experienced HR consultant, I have managed many of these conversations over the years and can help train line managers and employees to approach difficult and challenging discussions.

I’m Leonie, an independent HR consultant with more than 20 years’ experience in major organisations. If you are struggling with how to effectively communicate with your staff my personalised HR services can help.

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My personal approach begins with a comprehensive HR audit. This helps me understand your people and your operation. I will then work closely with your management team to design and deliver a plan to meet your objectives.