One of the best recruitment tools for your business

How to ensure you’re making the right hiring decisions.

Recruitment is a critical aspect of any organisation, and getting it right is paramount. Beyond the financial investment, a successful recruitment process impacts the existing workforce and overall productivity.

The question is: how do you ensure you’re making the right hiring decisions?

While there are fundamental steps to follow, such as:

  • verifying the right to work and ensuring inclusivity and fairness,
  • using objective recruitment tools like competency-based interviews
  • involving multiple decision-makers is crucial.

However one often-overlooked aspect is assessing the candidate’s aptitude for the job’s tasks. This can be one of the best recruitment tools in your hiring strategy. Measuring your candidate’s aptitude can be done in numerous ways, more often in the setting of a task or challenge.

Recently, I assisted a client struggling to retain new hires. I suggested incorporating hands-on assessments mirroring the job tasks. This involved presenting candidates with a task, providing no instructions, observing their approach, and then offering feedback and guidance on the desired method. This process revealed adaptability and learning ability, essential traits beyond mere technical skills.

The results were remarkable. By focusing on attitude and adaptability, the client built a team of highly valuable employees. This experience underscores the importance of assessing not just skills but also the candidate’s willingness to learn and adapt.

As the saying goes, you can teach knowledge and skills, but attitude is innate.

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